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But Kickstarter backers aren’t investors, and they aren’t looking for the project that will give them the greatest return on their money. Kickstarter does not function as a store (as its Web site goes to great pains to remind you), any more than PBS is “selling” you a tote bag in exchange for your donation. Kickstarter as a phenomenon is made much more comprehensible once you realize that it’s not following the logic of the free market; it’s following the logic of the gift.

Why Would You Ever Give Money Through Kickstarter? - NYTimes.com

So true. The marketplace doesn’t understand the phenomenon because Kickstarter isn’t playing by the marketplace economics and incentives.

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Kickstarter is more of a trust metric, and a social reward for creativity and innovation (Like Whuffie, though it was non monetary). Entrepreneurs commonly mistake crowdsourcing as a macro tool for startup funding (Think Kiva). While it can be that, for creative and innovative concepts, it isn’t that for startups that fall outside of those definitions, to me.

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